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by Pamela Gerke

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"It was like watching 'Hamilton' about Florence Nightingale!" – Jacob N., age 12

“Last night I had the privilege of seeing a deeply engaging, beautifully acted and inspiring musical performance about Florence Nightingale….It is extremely instructive for young professionals of today about the role of power dynamics that serve as a gatekeeper in how nurses can make a difference in the health and lives of individuals, families and communities." - Marie A. B., Ph.D, ARNP

Our first project is to Nurture the Nurturers: to uplift and empower the Voice of Nursing with a musical about Florence Nightingale, one of the principle founders of the nursing profession.  From its earliest roots, nursing has focused holistically on the patient, family and community.  Today we see the nursing profession leading the way in looking at the socioeconomic and environmental determinants of health.  The contribution of nurses, however, is often minimized or dismissed, and nurses themselves suffer from burnout at an alarming rate. That’s why we at HEARTS feel it is so important to support and celebrate nurses and help raise the bar on the entire profession.

2020 is the 200th Birthday of Florence Nightingale, as well as the World Health Organization's Year of the Nurse and Midwife.  Our Nurture the Nurturers project began with the First Tour 2019 of Nightingale: A Musical, which included performances for nursing schools and organizations in the Seattle, Washington area.  The show continues with our Bicentennial Tour 2020!


January 24-25:  Shoreline Community College, Shoreline, WA

Jan. 31 & Feb. 1:  West of Lenin, Seattle, WA

March 29:  Washington State Nurses Association Leadership Conference, Lake Chelan, WA

April 4:  King County Nurses Association & Seattle Pacific University School of Health Sciences, at The Chapel at Good Shepherd Center, Seattle, WA

April 11:  Pierce County Nurses Association & Tacoma Community College Nursing, at Tacoma CC Auditorium, Tacoma, WA

May 8, 9, 10, 15 & 16:  Youngstown Cultural Center Theater, Seattle, WA

Plus more shows, TBA, at nursing schools and other organizations


Host organizations provide a venue, promotions, and either event funding or ticket sales.  Performances are a terrific springboard to celebrate your organization and Nightingale's 200th birthday!

Sponsors receive wide publicity, with your name and logo attached to all Tour promotions.  It's a great way to let the public know about your organization and that it supports nurses and the creation of health via the arts.

For both Hosts and Sponsors, performances of Nightingale: A Musical helps organizations promote their programs, recruit new students or new nurses, cultivate donors, and sponsor educational or social events that expand and enrich their programs.  Funding for each show comes about through a combination of ticket sales, grants, event funding, and individual donors.

If your organization is interested in becoming a Host or a Sponsor, please contact HEARTS to receive more information: Contact Us


Nightingale brings Florence Nightingale’s story to life through original music and scenes of her life in a 2-act musical that re-frames and makes relevant her image for modern audiences.  She was a remarkable woman: strong, charismatic and deeply intelligent, a woman who spoke truth to power and who defied the status quo to follow her heart, thereby effecting significant change in healthcare and society.

Act I follows Nightingale through her 20’s as she struggles to understand her passionate nature and to follow her “call from God,” all the while chafing at the expectations placed on her by her wealthy British family and Victorian society.  In Act II, Nightingale supervises female nurses in the Crimean War where she creates order out of chaos, despite the horror of war and opposition from entrenched medical and military authorities.  By the end of the Crimean War she had become world famous and during the last fifty years of her life she worked for healthcare reform, the creation of nurse training and the profession of nursing, and much more.

PHOTO:  Florence and her nurses witness the horror of war in a Crimean army hospital.  On the left is newspaper correspondent William Howard Russell, telegraphing reports to The London Times about the incompetency of British Army command.  This photo is from the First Tour 2019 of "Nightingale," Seattle, WA.

Photo: © 2019 Joanne Murray