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by Pamela Gerke

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As Florence Nightingale’s bicentennial approaches in 2020, nursing and healthcare communities will be gearing up for the celebration!

After a successful 2-night run of staged readings, HEARTS' professional theatrical troupe launched our First Tour 2019 of a fully staged production of the show. (see First Tour 2019 above).  Meanwhile, we're working with nursing programs and organizations to coordinate future performances in 2019 and 2020 at nursing schools and organizations, conferences, healthcare institutions, and others in the Puget Sound Region of Washington State.  This musical dramatization will inspire nurse leaders with the story of an amazing role model and educate the public about an important and fascinating part of healthcare history.


Nightingale brings Florence Nightingale’s story to life through original music and scenes of her life in a 2-act musical that re-frames and makes relevant her image for modern audiences.  She was a remarkable woman: strong, charismatic and deeply intelligent, a woman who spoke truth to power and who defied the status quo to follow her heart, thereby effecting significant change in healthcare and society.

Act I follows Nightingale through her 20’s as she struggles to understand her passionate nature and to follow her “call from God,” all the while chafing at the expectations placed on her by her wealthy British family and Victorian society.  In Act II, Nightingale supervises female nurses in the Crimean War where she creates order out of chaos, despite the horror of war and opposition from entrenched medical and military authorities.  By the end of the Crimean War she had become world famous and during the last fifty years of her life she worked for healthcare reform, the creation of nurse training and the profession of nursing, and much more.


Organizations that host performances can use it as a springboard for a celebration of their own nursing/healthcare communities.  Host organizations can use the show to promote their programs, recruit new students or new nurses, cultivate donors, and/or sponsor educational or social events to enrich their program.  Host organizations provide the venue, promotions, and ticket sales management.  Funding for each show comes about through a combination of ticket sales, grants, event funding, and individual donors.

If you and your organization are interested in becoming a Hosting Organization, please contact HEARTS.

Photo credit: Joanne Murray, 2019

Florence and her nurses witness the horror of war in the Crimean army hospital.  On the left is newspaper correspondent William Howard Russell, telegraphing his reports to The London Times about the incompetency of British Army command.