“Kiss Her Shadow”
Sung by: Robert Wade (soloist), Derek Hanson, John Kelleher, and Stephen Lloyd; October, 2010

Sick and wounded soldiers in the Crimean War sing a love paean to Florence.  She makes the rounds of the hospital every night with her lamp, offering a comforting, female solace in their misery.  The lyrics are adapted from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem about Nightingale, “Santa Filomena”: “And slow, as in a dream of bliss, / The speechless sufferer turns to kiss / Her shadow, as it falls / Upon the darkening walls.”  Longfellow was in turn inspired by a letter written by a soldier that was widely published and helped to create the mythos around Nightingale.
“The Kingdom of Hell”
Sung by Sung by: Alina Stephenson, Jaclyn Baker, Kat Henwood, Katie Kelley, Rebecca Maiten, and Steph Sola; March 2, 2019
Florence writes to Sidney Herbert about the situation at her army hospital during the Crimean War.  Due to mismanagement by the military, the hospital is pitifully short on supplies and woefully crowded.  She and her nurses are doing their best to relieve the suffering of the men while daily facing the frustration of having their hands tied by the brutality of an outdated, ineffective, and brutal medical system.
“Ready For It”
Sung by: Alina Stephenson; March 2, 2019

Florence has finally escaped her family for the evening and, alone in her room, is writing letters to medical scientists, Sidney Herbert, her cousin Hilary, and her close friend, Clarkey.  Her letter-writing reveals the depth and breadth of her intellect and interests and her passion and destiny to work in hospitals and nursing, as well as her sense of humor and gift for mimicry.  Her Aunt Mai had told her, “Something is getting ready for you and you will be sure to turn up in time.”
“Arrival of Sick and Wounded” (excerpt)
Sung by: Pamela Gerke, 2018
Crimean War Correspondent William Howard Russell sends an outraged report to England via telegraph: he declaims the lack of supplies for soldiers, the incompetence of generals, and the idiocy of the tragic “Charge of the Light Brigade.”  He ends by noting that news of the arrival of the sick and wounded at the hospital was delayed and received but a half-hour before.
“The Call”
Sung by: Jaclyn Baker, Kassey Castro, Ivan Dinh, Kat Henwood, Timothy Johnston, Katie Kelley, Rebecca Maiten, and Steph Sola; March 2, 2019
As the Crimean War begins Sidney Herbert, Secretary At War, writes letters about the situation with Russia: military authority Dr. John Hall declares that the army hospitals are prepared, yet newspaper correspondent William Howard Russell reports that the opposite is true.  Sidney Herbert asks Florence to lead a group of women nurses to Turkey (for the first time in British military history).  As Florence and her party of war nurses arrive at the dock on their way to the Crimea, there is public outcry about the state of the army hospitals; meanwhile, her suitor, Richard Monckton Milnes, bids her farewell and Sidney lends her his support, while Hall and Russell continue to proclaim from the Crimea.  A crowd gathers and Florence and her group depart amid much public acclaim.