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HEARTS: Health & Arts mourns the death of George Floyd and stands with those calling for action to change structures and policies that have enabled and permitted stark inequities, systemic racism and violence to occur.

HEARTS enriches the health of individuals, organizations, and all of society through the performing arts and all other arts.  Through performances, participatory events and research, often working in partnership with other organizations, we help create a “culture of health,” when well-being is a priority that permeates all aspects of society.

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Nightingale Musical

Nightingale: Regarding the Life & Passion of Miss Florence Nightingale 

by Pamela Gerke

This inspiring musical will now be filmed!

DONATE to the film: https://charity.gofundme.com/florence-nightingale-film   Or click LEARN MORE.

Image: Florence Nightingale by Mary L. Gerke

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Research Projects

HEARTS sponsors research projects that study the impact of creative arts on health and well-being.  We are aligned with the field of Health Humanities and the increasing awareness of the integration between self-expression, beauty, music, language, and emotional and social health.

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Since 1993

HEARTS: Health Enriched by the Arts

HEARTS stands for Health Enriched by the Arts. In choosing this acronym we are inspired by an emerging worldwide phenomenon: across the globe, national and regional governments, arts organizations, and passionate individuals are looking to the creative arts as a means of enhancing the health of individuals and their societies.

Our intention is to contribute significantly to this movement via three avenues:

  • Health and Arts Projects: producing music and theater pieces to create a “culture of health”
  • Program Evaluation: contributing to the growing body of research in Health and Arts through the assessment of the impact of our projects on health and quality of life
  • Health and Arts Publications: articles, posts, videos, and other additions to the collective body of knowledge about creating health through the arts, in both academic and general interest publications

A “culture of health” is one in which well-being is a priority that permeates all aspects of society. Since ancient times, music, dance, theater, and the visual arts have been linked with healing of individuals and communities.  With the Western world’s emphasis on biomedicine, we tend to lose sight of the larger picture that embraces the totality of human experience.  However, health practitioners, researchers, and governments around the world are (re)discovering that by accessing the wellspring of our creativity we open ourselves to our innate sense of well-being, health, and happiness.

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HEARTS: Health Enriched by the Arts in a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, incorporated in the state of Washington.  We are supported by donations from individuals and organizations who champion our work.  Please consider contributing to our efforts to foster health through the arts!